Aunt Susie. She’s one of those aunts that is the kid favorite. She is the master at everything crafty, and not the kind of crafty where you copy pins from other’s ideas. She’s the crafty type that comes up with these awesome ideas all on her own and makes them.

This Christmas she made the boys these super awesome activity quilts. They have a chalk board (removable for washing), a tablet of paper for writing and a pad of paper for drawing. There’s even pockets to hold the chalk and crayons AND super cute establishments (like a bell on the Reindeer!). Beyond the activity aspect they are covered in ABC’s and Brown Bear, Brown Bear squares and something to match almost every letter of the alphabet.
Activity Quilt
And if that’s not cool enough, she also made a bag that they fit in with the first letter of their name as well as a pocket to hold the extra crayons, chalk and eraser. Are you jealous? 🙂

Here’s the close up and personal tour of the Activity Quilt. First up – the chalk board. This is chalk board vinyl (I think) and it works just like a chalk board. It’s stiff, like thick card stock but very durable. The pocket right below the chalk board holds the calk and eraser and has a button closure to keep everything inside. When I need to wash, the chalk board is attached with velcro, so it comes off really easy!
Activity Quilt

Activity Quilt

Activity Quilt

Next up, the drawing tablet. Next to the tablet is a pocket that holds the crayons – it’s attached with an elastic band so it stays in place to color on but is easy to take out to wash the quilt or replace it.

Activity Quilt Activity Quilt

The writing tablet is just like the drawing tablet – attached by elastic for easy removal:

Activity Quilt

There are so many cute embellishments all over the quilt. One of the boys’ favorites is the bell on the reindeer.

Activity Quilt

And if that all wasn’t enough, she even made bags to store each of their quilts in. They fold up nicely and slide right in the bags. The boys love playing with these and are a treasure we’ll keep forever! (Thanks Aunt Susie!)

Activity Quilt

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5 Responses to Activity Quilt

  1. Deborah says:

    Ok, that is too cool! I wonder if I can get my mom to make one of these for me!

  2. Cathleen says:

    What a labour of love!

  3. Tulip says:

    That is an amazing idea! I love the chalk board.