One thing about our new house that I totally love is the massive amounts of window space in the living and dining rooms. I love doing projects that we can hang in these windows that lets the light shine through. This can be a little involved, so make sure you have everything ready and prepared, and be very careful with the iron and don’t let your child near during the melting. The goal is melting crayons, not kids! The same goes for the grater – grate crayons not kids!

Apple Sun Catcher

Apple Frame cut from red or green construction paper
Wax paper
Old red, yellow or green crayons
Old cheese grater
Ironing board (or a rag on a hard surface)

Cut out an apple frame from whatever color construction paper you want your apple to be. You can do 1 or 2 (if you only do 1 the back of the apple won’t have a “finished” look).

Cut 2 pieces of wax paper a¬†little smaller than the outside of your apple frame. Be careful not to cut it too small that it doesn’t fully cover the inside hole.

With the old cheese grater carefully grate the old crayons over one layer of the wax paper.

Once you have a decent amount of gratings, cover it with the other piece of wax paper.

With your iron on it’s lowest setting put a scrap piece of paper over the wax paper and iron just until all the crayon shavings are melted. Don’t over do it. Once cool, glue it to the back side of your apple frame. If you cut two apple frames then glue the second on the back. Hang and adore!

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