I got this idea to do marble painting. I’ve done tons of marble painting in the classroom with my kindergartners it’s a fun different way to paint. Then it dawned on me – all my marbles that I used for painting I left behind in my classroom. So I thought of another way I’ve painted before, similar to marble painting, during our transportation units – using cars. Rachel – my sister – is also staying the day with us while my mom and dad go up to Redding. This is something that she can participate in too! I honestly think she had more fun with it than Landon did.


Box lid
Small toy car (one that would wash easy)

Start with a box lid, or anything to contain the paint and car:

Put a dab of paint on. I asked Landon what color he wanted. He said white. I asked if he wanted another color to mix them around. He said “No, just white”. I knew that once he got going he was going to want more….

See… it quickly became the case of too much paint for one paper to hold. They each did 2-3 papers. 

Rachel had a blast. She thought it was so funny that we were using the cars to paint with.

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One Response to Car Painting

  1. Samantha says:

    This is brilliant! I think I’ll check out this website you speak of…