Kids love to have paint on their hands. It’s a great sensory experience and the creation of their handprints is really limitless. I have several books full of ideas for making handprint art! Today we made an apple tree using only our hands (ok, arm too).

Handprint Apple Tree

Red, Brown and Green Paint
Construction Paper

Paint the “pinky” side of your child’s hand and upper arm brown and stamp it on the paper as the tree trunk. Then paint the palm of their other hand green and several times stamp it to be the leaves of the tree. You might need to re-paint their hand in between stamping. Have them wash, then using their finger, lightly have them “dab” in into some red paint and stamp it over the green for the apples.

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3 Responses to Handprint Apple Tree

  1. Maria Rogers says:

    Thank you for post these great ideas, I know the children would love it.

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  3. Helena Fernanda says:

    adorei as atividades, são muito criativas.