A few days ago we made some leaf creations and did some rubbings of them. Since we’re “officially” in fall now I wanted to do a variety of fall crafts and activities. Landon’s friend Mackenzie was coming over in the afternoon so I saved this project for when she would be here!

We started the project and Landon didn’t even want to do it! HA! Mackenzie was super excited to do it though and the peer pressure of her painting won Landon over. Landon finished fast, Mackenzie moved from painting leaves to painting her hands. It think it’s a 3 year old thing (any age really) to love the feeling of paint between your fingers.

The concept is pretty self explanatory, paint several colors onto one side of the leaf. Then carefully place on a blank piece of paper. You’ll need to press really carefully to make sure you get all of the leaf “stamped” on to the paper.

The result:

Leaf Stamping

A wonderful collage of leaves!

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2 Responses to Leaf Stamps

  1. Kendall says:

    I love that! How awesome!