I absolutely love these snowmen. I love anything that involves the hands of my kiddos, and they love it to – Riley especially, he loves having his hands traced. He’d be happy doing that all day long. Seriously.

Paper Plate Snowman

Paper Plate
Black, orange, and scarf colored construction paper (let your child pick!)
Googly eyes
Crayons or markers

Trace a hat shape on black construction paper and have your child cut it out.
paper plate snowman
Then trace their hand AND arm of one arm, with their hand turned as far as they can to the outside of their arm, and then just their hand of the opposite side. Cut this out. Landon did some of the cutting for his hands, but going in between the fingers is a tricky thing. I encouraged him to work on it, then helped him by guiding the paper, but to avoid him getting frustrated I finished cutting it out for him.
paper plate snowman
Glue the hat on top, add the googly eyes, and a triangle out of the orange paper as the carrot nose. Glue the arm/hand down and add the other hand tipped the opposite way to make a “scarf”. Have your child write their name on the arm part of the scarf. If they are no able to independently write it, have them copy or trace your writing.
paper plate snowman
Use markers or crayons to add a snowman smile (or just now had the great idea that we could have used black circle punches and made a “coal” smile out of it….)
paper plate snowman

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2 Responses to Paper Plate Snowman

  1. Dawn Walters says:

    so awesome, my son will love this. thanks

  2. Lori Summers says:

    This is so cute!! I will definitely be doing this with my daughter! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂