This is a fun variation on the hand print Santa using one of my favorite mediums of “paint”
Puffy hand print Santa

Puffy Hand Print Santa Craft

Brown or Tan construction paper
Red construction paper
Shaving Cream
Googly Eyes
Cotton balls (optional)

Mix equal parts of shaving cream and glue. Once well combined, liberally paint your child’s hand and lightly stamp it on a piece of brown or tan construction paper. Don’t press too hard or the “paint” will just squish and be flat. You want it to be puffy.
Puffy hand print Santa
Cut out a Santa hat shape from the red construction paper and glue it a few inches (enough room to draw a face) above the hand print. Add googly eyes a nose and mouth. Either glue cotton balls as embellishments for the hat or use the shaving cream and glue mixture! Cut around the hand print after it has dried.
Puffy hand print Santa

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