I love using shaving cream and glue to paint. I’ve done a lot of projects with this medium and it’s great because it’s thick and puffy and stays that way when it dries. You could color it if you wanted to open endless possibilities.
Puffy Snowman Craft

Puffy Snowman Craft

Shaving Cream
Blue Construction paper
Googly Eyes
Orange pipe cleaner
2 black pipe cleaners
Scraps of black construction paper and another color (for the scarf)

Mix equal parts of shaving cream and glue. Paint a basic snowman on blue construction paper and let it dry.
Puffy Snowman Craft
Carefully glue on the embellishments. I used the black construction paper for the hat and buttons (but you could totally use real buttons if you had extras), and pipe cleaners for the arms and nose. Just twist the orange pipe cleaner back on itself to make a carrot shape and use lots of glue. Add a scarf and googly eyes and you’re snowman is done!
Puffy Snowman Craft

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2 Responses to Puffy Snowman Craft

  1. Kendall says:

    That is so cute!!!