Part of our fun and far away from scary as possible, but still Halloween themed activities we did was create shape monsters. I’ve done a similar activity in my classroom as a teacher for a transportation unit, where I gave the children a wide variety of pre-cut shapes in different colors and sized and let them use their imagination to create a vehicle. Why not monsters?! I had a pack of googly eyes that were dying to be used – they would make a perfect accessory to any monster created from shapes.

Shape Monsters

Pre-cut shapes (circles, squares, rectangles and triangles)
Googly Eyes

I literally cut the shapes right then and there. I took a stack of 3-4 different colored construction paper pieces and cut shapes out of the stack. It was fast and he got to help pick out the shapes he wanted me to cut. I then let him decide how he wanted to make his monster – give him the glue and let him create!

Once his monster was finished I gave him the googly eyes to put on and then we labeled the parts of his monster.

This is an excellent activity to do to support pre-reading skills. This no only shows that the words we speak have a written representation to them, but can be used as a support of letter name and sound identification. Spell the word as you write it. If it’s something you write more than once (like we did arm a few times), go back to the one you already spelled and point to the letters there, saying their names and writing it again. Great stuff.

Landon didn’t leave me out of the fun. He wanted me to make a monster too (how kind of him)! I’ll let you guess which one I did!

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2 Responses to Shape Monsters

  1. Those are adorable! That might be just the thing to keep my three year old busy tomorrow while his older brothers are doing their school work… Googly eyes make everything more fun!