When trying to think of the many creative ways to announce the news we finally settled on this, a video of Landon.

The plan was to have each set of parents and close family over and show them the “cute” video of Landon. Landon had different plans. Even though we really didn’t talk much about it after we took this video, Landon spilled the beans both times. It took him a while with my parents, but he randomly announced that mommy had a little baby in her tummy while doing a spider man puzzle. He had to have been super excited to share the news with Brad’s family and he announced it to them the second they walked through the door. I wasn’t even home yet. It turned out cute and perfect in it’s own way. We are all excited to welcome our newest bundle of joy to the family, sometime near the end of September.

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4 Responses to Changes

  1. Cathy Page says:

    Congratulations, you guys!!! Cute way to introduce this news! I’m sure Landon will have lots more questions this time than the last! And, I’m hoping his “what’s HER name” question is prophetic for you guys!