I guess since it’s been almost 2 weeks now I should get a post up about Landon’s 3rd Curious George (aka Monkey George) birthday party. He really had two parties. One on Saturday for all his little friends and Sunday for all the family. His actual birthday was on Friday. After the weekend was over I think we can say we sufficiently celebrated this little man’s birthday!

Friday morning he woke up to balloons and streamers in his door way.


This was supposed to be a great surprise for when he woke up in the morning, however he woke up in the middle of the night for some reason and it kind of ruined it – though the outcome was still cute. He staggered out of his room looked at the balloons and in his groggy voice said, “there’s balloons in my door. Why?” Then without even really waiting for a response from me he turned around and crawled back into bed.

Friday morning he got to pick out and eat a special breakfast cereal. His choices were limited because of his allergies, but there are a few sugary cereals that we wouldn’t normally buy that he can eat. He picked Lucky Charms. Like most kids probably do, once he figured out there were marshmallows in the cereal he wanted to eat all of the marshmallows first then get the milk to eat the rest.


The rest of Friday was an unplanned day as my dad had a complication from a surgery he recently had and needed to go back to the hospital. The boys and I went to stay with my sister while my mom and dad went to the ER.

The Party

Landon woke up and was super excited. We asked him how old he was and he showed us:

It only took his little fingers 10-15 seconds to morph into a 3 after a whole year of automatically going to 2. The day went great. He and his friends had a lot of fun, and I had a lot of fun planning the party. Here’s what we did!

Curious Activities

As the kids arrived I had “Curious Activities” stationed in the back yard. I made little signs with directions of things to try with each station. I had monkey mask making, Oobleck, Flubber, and Bubble Snakes.

They also had great fun just swinging and playing in the back yard. After they played for a while we came inside to sing happy birthday, and have cake and a banana split bar!

The Food

We had a morning party so we didn’t really have much in the way of food, except the cake and banana split bar. I made a Man With They Yellow Hat cake and monkey cup cakes. The cup cakes had to be allergy friendly so I couldn’t use the vanilla wafers that most of the monkey cupcakes are made from. I used this new cookie cereal we found that he could have and used banana chips for the mouth. Marshmallow eyes and used black gel icing to add the details. As my sister-in-law said… a little creepy (I have to agree), but I got  to work with what I can!




We opened presents saving the present (his new bike) from us for the end. We wrapped the empty box for him to open and as he was opening the box realizing that it was empty, Brad was at the front door with the bike. He rang the door bell and I sent Landon to answer the door. He was confused at first then SO excited:

My new favorite picture 🙂


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