Sadly I was in urgent care today. Riley’s had a bad cough from a cold that’s only getting worse. Since moving we haven’t been to a new urgent care facility, luckily (sort of) there’s one just around the corner from us. It’s part of Enloe Hospital’s “prompt” (that’s a joke) care facilities. As you may have guess I’ll not be going back there if we need medical care over the weekend. We were really spoiled by Sutter North’s urgent care in Yuba City.


We waited in the waiting room for almost an hour and in the patient room for another 10 – 15 minutes. Then after the doctor sees us we had to wait another 10 minutes for a secretary to come in and check us out. That’s a lot of waiting for a sick 1 year old in a place that he can’t get down and crawl and explore.

I brought toys, but was not expecting to be there for almost 2 hours. While we were in the room I was reaching into the deepest corner of my brain to come up with distractions and entertainment for him as he was getting fussier by the second. I was digging in my purse and came across a box of the large crayons I had for Landon. Perfect!

The exam tables have that paper roll on it – endless canvas of 1 year old scribbles. Just a little tip. Make sure they are the washable crayons. A few times he got the wall, but since they were the washable ones it came right off with a wet paper towel.

Coloring on exam table paper

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