The boys and I didn’t have anything on our schedule for this morning, so I decided to try out one of the places I found to take kids in Chico online. CSU Chico has a hands-on science museum called Gateway Science Museum. Landon’s been to other science museums that were a lot of fun – they were all geared towards kids and very hands on – two year-olds can’t destroy this – type of displays. He loved those so I figured we would see what this one was like. 
We evidently were the first guests for their summer displays, and we were the only people there for at least 20 minutes. Even when we left about an hour later there were only a handful of people. It wan’t really what I was expecting. They had a few skeletons of a short-faced bear and a saber tooth tiger in the main entrance. Landon got all excited and declared they were “dinosaurs”. The whole museum was pretty much centered around bears, particularly Grizzly Bears. They had one room with lots of mini displays. They had a bear skin in that room, Landon wasn’t too sure. He finally touched it, but he wasn’t all to sure if it was alive or not. 

Coming from the perspective of not only a teacher but a teacher with a science background it was really a great set up – for a child about 5 or older. I don’t think we’ll be back for a while; it wasn’t a total waste of time, but not what  I was expecting, but at least Landon’s entry was free! 
This evening, and pretty much every evening, this is my view:

We’ve been walking anywhere from 1 – 2.5 miles every evening, as long as the weather isn’t too hot. We live so close to Bidwell Park – it’s yet another thing I love about where we live. Who wouldn’t love the view on a shaded walk:
Landon has his bike that he loves to ride and he helps keep our pace up – he can ride pretty fast! Riley loves the walks too, he lounges in his stroller pretty good:

I often go in the morning too – it’s much cooler and I sometimes meet up with some other moms to walk together so Landon has someone to play with along the way. 

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