We have been in our new home for almost two weeks. Its amazing how fast the time has gone. In many ways it feels like we’ve been here for much long than two weeks, and in other ways it feels like we’re just on a long vacation. I started hanging pictures and decorations yesterday so the house is finally starting to look more homey. I’m loving our house more and more as we live in it. It’s so open and I can see the majority of the house from anywhere in the main living areas. There’s quite a bit of yard work still left to do – the landscaping has taken over the yard while the house was vacant. But the inside is starting to come together. Here’s the dining room as of right now:

I laughed as I uploaded this picture because of the last picture I uploaded was of our old dining room with all the boxes: 
Quite the difference. 
This is our living room:
The sign on the right hand sign hand sign is a cute family togetherness sign that I plan on surrounding with pictures of family. I do plan on painting and doing other wonderful projects, but all in time. My priority now is the boys and spending time with them.

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