While I was working full time waiting for the school year to end my mom so graciously made batches of granola bars for Landon. With all of his food allergies a snack like a granola bar is impossible to buy and when every second of your life is filled with work, sleep and some form of eating or getting food ready for others to eat I was so short on time to make the snacks that we usually make to accommodate Landon’s allergies. And though that kid loves the plain old rice cakes they can get old after a while. So today we got some time to make granola bars! They didn’t last long – especially after daddy got home and helped to sample some. By the end of the night there was only half a batch left…We may be making more soon. I’m loving being at home with the boys and having the time to spend with them doing things like make granola bars – because lets face it the best part of making them is being able to lick the beaters!
After the cooking session and Riley’s nap we headed over to Caper Acres. Caper Acres is like a super park with a fairy tale theme. There’s a place in Sacramento called Fairy Tale Town, and this is similar, but much more on the scale of a free neighborhood park (because it is). Landon loved it there and I’m sure we’ll be going back many times. They also have a huge sandbox – Riley’s first sandbox experience. He loved to run his fingers through the sand. His fun ended when the sand started going in his mouth. For something that I’m sure tastes awful he sure didn’t seem to care! 

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