We’ve started setting up for Halloween! We spent last weekend getting the homemade scarecrow out and put up. We had to dig around to find some of the parts after the move. Landon was super excited. He was also a great helper!

After that Brad mowed the lawn. Landon has a bubble mower and loves to bubble mow while Brad does, but today he asked to help mow with the “daddy mower”. It was super adorable. I love it when he “helps” with grown up tasks.

Another decoration we started last year at the old house was a Christmas light spider web. We kind of go crazy at Christmas time with the lights so we have plenty to spare 🙂 It’s fun and unique.

Christmas Light Spider Web

Christmas Light Spider Web

I totally missed the stats for Riley’s 1 year check up. Probably because the 1 year check up happened when he was closer to 13 months old. Regardless, he was 30 1/2 inches and 23 lbs 4 oz. He’s about smack dab in the middle percentile wise. Aunt Susie made some super cute growth charts for both the boys – here’s his “official” picture.

Riley’s been mimicking actions a LOT lately. We’ll cover his head with a blanket and he tries to re-cover it when the blanket falls off, or we’ll blow him a kiss and he’ll try to as well. This doesn’t come in handy sometimes when Landon acts like a goof ball. His latest thing is to smack his own head (because Landon was while being silly…). When we were playing the spider counting game I was putting spiders in Riley’s hair. Several days later Riley found a rouge spider and he immediately tried to put it on his head! Silly kid!

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2 Responses to Everyday Life

  1. Kendall says:

    What a cute little boy you have!