I go grocery shopping with two children two and under. Yes. I am that crazy. Really I’m not though. Riley does fine as long as he’s not hungry and Landon is really well behaved in public, as long as he’s not hungry, except for this one time in Rite Aid. I behave pretty well too (as long as I’m not hungry…). Landon loves to help put things in the cart and unload the cart onto the conveyor belt. I try to find ways for him to help or making things a game and as long as we’re not in there for too long he likes it. 
As we’re walking into Winco (love that store by the way) I notice that every time the cart starts moving Riley “holds” on:

I thought it was funny, stopped to take a picture, being a new blogger and all I figured this would be a moment to “capture”. I’m still working on that too. Things happen and after the fact I think how I should have taken a picture to share with all my fans (yes really just my husband so far, but you have to start somewhere).
My only thought can be, “am I THAT crazy of a driver?” What’s even funnier is when I stopped the cart, he puts his hands down. So actually taking a picture, with my phone none the less, became very difficult as I had to take it while moving. 
So really that’s it. I went grocery shopping. My kid was being cute. So I blog about it! That’s the point of blogs anyway right? 

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