So this is a bit late, as we went quite a bit ago but I figured I would share our pumpkin patch adventure. We went to a new place that I had heard good things about. They are also a non profit organization that helps kids and their families with terminal or severe illnesses. It was only about 30 minutes away (versus the hour and a half for the “super” pumpkin patches) so we figured it would be worth a trip.

They had a “petting zoo” {read a bunch of animals that either roamed around or were in cages that you could pet through the fence}

Looking at the horses:

They had a pretty cool train ride that went around the farm. I think that this was the best part of the whole day. Landon loves trains and this was super fun for him to ride the train.

The thing that was most disappointing was the pumpkin patch itself. See for yourself:

This is it! There were very few pumpkin that they actually grew. They literally had a flat bed truck with store bought pumpkins on them next to the patch that they “tossed” out in the field. Landon really didn’t know any different and he had fun regardless.

They had a little playground with these pretty cool swings. They are made out of tires.

Overall, we had a good trip, but we probably won’t go back next year. It was pretty poorly ran and organized. It’s sad because something like this has such great potential to be something great – not only for the kids who come to have fun at a pumpkin patch, but the kids and families that would benefit from the fundraising.

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2 Responses to Everyday Life {Pumpkin Patch}

  1. Kendall says:

    Those swings look awesome!

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