There’s not a type of illness I hate more than the stomach flu. I will take a cold, sinus infection or even strep throat over the flu. We’ve had the dreaded tummy bug go through our house pretty much the whole month of January. Poor Riley’s had it three times this month and the words “throw up” have become a very practiced part of his little vocabulary. He sees the orange bucket and announces it’s purpose to anyone who will listen. It has been somewhat of a blessing in disguise, we’ve had a few weeks to slow down a little, probably watch way to much TV, and give us a reason to be thankful for the times we are healthy.

landon sick

I was very blessed by the kindness of a stranger when Riley threw up two weeks ago in Target – with no sign or warning that it was coming. Some sweet shopper ran to get me some paper towels from the snack bar and even started to help wipe him up before I insisted she didn’t need to go that far in helping me. I hope we are in the clear now. It’s been almost a week since his last bout with it and I’ve sanitized and washed everything possible. We even all got new toothbrushes – something I know you’re supposed to do after every illness but seem to forget to actually do.

Over the last two weeks of being sick we’ve been stuck inside either resting or hiding out as to not share any of the germs. Being inside for all that time has made me realize how much I really do love and need to be out in the world at least a little each day. Brad and I joke that I’m like Superman, that I get my “power” from the sun. During the winter I struggle with motivation to get things done, and I’m generally just a happier person in the spring – fall seasons when we can be outside more often and the sun isn’t hiding behind the clouds. It’s one of my favorite things about where we live, being so close to the park for the ability to just pop over to play, even if only for a few minutes.

Sunday everyone took a nap – except me – which is an activity I should have attempted but didn’t. I’m finding the ability to actually take a nap these days is something hard to achieve. There are many days that I’m able to get all three children asleep at the same time, but by the time I’m able to lay down and fall asleep myself, one of the kiddos will be awake in such a short time that makes the little sleep I would get not restful at all and just result in a groggy mom. I used the time to get dishes done and make some snacks for Brad for our upcoming Disneyland trip. Sometimes I simply just sit and enjoy the peaceful, still and quiet house. It’s not like that often, and that’s not a bad thing by any means. Landon woke up and came in wanting to snuggle with Brad. Landon really does have such a sweet and gentle spirit.


Madison is becoming so much more of a “baby” and has pretty much outgrown the newborn stage entirely. I have the measure of the baby stage beginning and newborn ending when I am able to start holding them on my side hip rather than a cradle or kangaroo hold. She is such a sweet baby. She goes along with the flow with the boys and is so flexible and undemanding. She’s so content with whatever situation she’s in – something I could definitely learn from her; something we all could learn from her. She’s holding her head very well now and loves tummy time with her brothers.



She has been wanting to be held more often though, and I have a feeling that she is going to be the one that has more separation anxiety. She’s the only one that’s been with me 24/7 for her little baby life. I had to share the boys with Brad or daycare when they were little when I went back to work, and I think their lack of separation anxiety was due to their exposure to multiple caregivers. She also doesn’t take a bottle well, so even the few trips I do make out without her are very short lived.

I normally don’t rock her to sleep. She is for the most part a very “good” sleeper. She typically gets swaddled, nursed and laid in the crib drowsy but awake for her naps and bedtime and drifts peacefully off to sleep. This is partly due to the fact that I want her to be able to put herself to sleep, and partly due to the fact that this system is necessity with the brothers out and about. I simply can’t stay in her room and rock her and not come out to a house that’s looked like world war 3 broke out. But on the weekends, when Brad is home, I sometimes do steal away to her room and hold her precious body and rock or nurse her to sleep. It’s the most wonderful thing to hold her sleeping. So innocent, so trusting, so content in my arms. She’s seeming to desire this more recently and I’ve been trying to have these moments with her when I can. I feel like she needs that extra time; if not her, then I.

madison sleeping

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