Riley turned 1 – in case you didn’t catch the last post about it {here}.

He loves balls. He’s pretty much obsessed with them. When he first learned to crawl he would chase balls around the house bat at it, crawl after it then bat it again to go chase it some more. It’s a good thing he likes balls. Brad and Landon have this game they ball “Ball Game” (I know – how original) that pretty much involves chasing each other around the house throwing soft balls at each other. Landon loves it. Male bonding – what can I say. I can only imagine the chaos when there’s 3 of them playing.

ANYWAY It would only be fitting for Riley’s birthday party to be a ball theme. It wasn’t too extravagant, but I liked the little things we did to make his day special.

We got a bunch of beach balls, blew them up and hung them from fishing line from the ceiling:

Ball Themed Party

I made some cute little signage decorations for the front door and entry way:

Ball Themed Party

Ball Themed Party

And Riley had his own little ball pit:

Ball Themed Party

We had cake pops and Dibs:

Ball Themed Party

And Riley had his own special cake. He cried. Landon cried at his cake when he turned one. We figure we just have natural healthy eating children.

Ball Themed Party We thought he might like a spoon…
It didn’t help:

I also made rice crispy treats in a ball and made watermelon balls as light snacks.

He got a lot of good, fun toys that Landon was beyond jealous of. He started getting sick though and by the end of the party was running a low-grade temperature. He was whiney and clingy. I felt so bad for him.

We still have the beach balls hanging from the ceiling. I think Landon thinks they are the coolest thing ever!

A few more pictures (because we take way too many pictures!)

*Insert song* “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to….”

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One Response to Ball Themed Birthday Party

  1. Love this beach ball idea! Hanging from the ceiling is such a great idea! They really are the coolest thing ever. I just had to share this idea with my followers too!