The things you do as a mom matter. All of it. The things you think don’t matter, the things you hate to do, and the things you love to do. The Lego building and block stacking and pretending to eat (and love) the strawberry chocolate milkshake they just pretended to make for you. Silly faces and giggles from tickles. The sweeping, the laundry and dishes. Time outs and discipline. Ignoring that temper tantrum. Even on the days when you watch way too much TV because you are sick, or pregnant, or were up 25 times in the night with children. Or the days you watch too much TV just because. Even scrubbing the toilet. All of this is what makes you a super mom.

The things you do matter. All of it.


I know that there are many days that feel like a waste of a day with the little, seemingly meaningless things that you do, but many of those things are what matters the most. The things you do as a mom matter, even when you look at your to do list for the day and nothing is checked off. Even if the house is a mess and everyone is still in their jammies.

The things you do matter. All of it.


It doesn’t matter if all the mundane jobs you do go unnoticed – or even undone. I’m telling you, good job! You are a great mom! Thank you for doing what you do: loving your children, loving your family, loving your home. The little things you do to show that love add up; when no one is watching and often when no one says thank you, the things you do as mom matter.

Our job as a mom can be less than glamorous; not one that is often celebrated by society. It’s the rare child that declares they want to be a mommy when they grow up. It’s more often a doctor, teacher, or a rock star. But you, mom, are all that and more. Doctor, teacher, counselor, referee, janitor, plummer, chauffeur, cook. I’m even that rock star to the children’s station on Pandora. The job of a mom is important. I am important, you are important. The tiny faces we take care of say it’s important.


The things you do matter. All of it. And the things you choose not to do in a day don’t matter; the laundry and dishes can wait, you can mop the floor tomorrow, and you can totally buy those 1000 flush cleaners to put toilet scrubbing off for at least a week or two.

Because its not the clean floors, or folded laundry, or the scrubbed toilets that are important to those tiny faces. Its you, being you. Its you being the best at being you, not the mom next door, or you trying the be that mom next door. It’s you. Don’t feel like you’re not doing it right, because there really is no right other you loving your babies, and loved babies is all that matters. Simply loving your children is what truly makes you a super mom.

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2 Responses to The things you do as mom matter

  1. Brit says:

    Great post. Thank you I so needed to hear this.

  2. leslie says:

    Totally needed to hear this today. Thanks.