When Landon was a baby he was not a great sleeper. In fact he was a pretty crummy sleeper. One of the things we found that helped him was the use of white noise. Since then (4 years later and two more babies in the mix) we have continued to use white noise to help the children sleep. When I was asked to review the Dohmie Sound Conditioner (Dohm-NSF) I jumped at the opportunity. I received a free machine for review, but all opinions are my own. I love all things white noise and trying out a new white noise machine was perfect, especially as we are entering the season of baby sleep issues now that Madison is officially 4 months old.


I ran it some in the living room to play around with it and get familiar with it. I also happened to be running our dehydrator making beef jerky. The two machines sounded very similar. It is not the staticy sound of white noise, rather more of a humming fan sound. Very soothing.

It has a high and low switch setting and the ability to rotate both the top and the sides to change the pitch and volume some. Though there is a difference when moving them, it’s not very substantial, and in the few days of using it I don’t think I would have the need to make any adjustments, never the less it’s a nice option to have.

Dohmie Collage

There is a very small amount of air flow that comes from the bottom, but nothing that I would be worried about creating any kind of temperature drop in the room it is used in. I could feel the air flow with my hands very close to the machine, but it was not strong enough to even blow a small feather from one of Madison’s headbands when held closely.

The white noise set up we had was an old smart phone with a white noise app. I took that out and replaced it with the Dohm. It looks much nicer on her dresser, and I am excited about not having to reset the white noise app every few days when it times out. I also like the sound it produces more. It’s relaxing and enough ambient noise to help block the sounds of the rest of the house (with two older brothers) while she is sleeping.


Things I don’t like? It doesn’t have the ability to be very loud. The white noise we play in the boy’s room is turned up pretty loud. Riley doesn’t get the concept of waking up quietly yet and even can talk in his sleep some. I don’t think the Dohm would be a good option for their current room sharing situation, but would easily be once Riley was a little older.

The bottom line? I really like it and would recommend it to help your little one (or big one) sleep better. I could also see it being used for adults. The sound that came through the monitor was nice for breaking up the silence in our room while sleeping.

Best news? You could be the new proud owner of a Dohmie Sound Conditioner! I will be giving away a Dohmie Serious Sleep Bundle. This includes Marpac’s white noise machine: the Dohm-NSF, a children’s storybook about sleep, and a sleep 101 brochure.


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Marpac is also hosting a contest on their Facebook page for more chances to win a Dohmie Serious Sleep Bundle, with a fun winter Olympic picture contest “Big Dreams, Serious Sleep”. Check it out!

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2 Responses to Are you serious about sleep? {Giveaway!}

  1. We’ve got a newborn in our house. Great giveaway!!

  2. I am new to your blog (but I am loving it so far!). A couple of the families that I used to babysit for had this white noise machine, and I thought it was awesome. Now that I am a new mom, I’ve been wanting one of these machines. I registered for one for my shower, but did not receive one…so I would LOVE to win your giveaway. The only problem is, since I’m still new to this, I’m not sure how to enter. Can you please let me know what I need to do in order to enter this contest? Thanks so much!

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