More cooking adventures today. Landon’s allergies make baking more challenging, but over the last two years making some gluten free, dairy free, egg free snickerdoodles doesn’t scare me. There are so many wonderful food blogs out there now dedicated to gluten free cooking. There are many wonderful ones also dedicated to vegan cooking (takes out the egg and diary for Landon’s allergies). There are not a whole lot of gluten free AND vegan ones however. We do have the blog we started back when we first started the adventure of cooking allergy free at Allergy Free Cooking, I haven’t added much to it since Riley was born – I’ve been a little busy… I will probably start adding the things we make again now that I have a “little” more free time on my hands. 

These were found on Daley Dish’s blog, not a really allergy friendly blog with most of her very yummy looking recipes, but this one was excellent! I used canola oil as the oil option, but will next time just use shortening and probably cut it back a little.
They were very yummy. They didn’t even last until I took a picture (see the hole in the “grid” of cookies on the right? Yeah – that one was in my tummy). Landon approved too. He had one right after his nap and was devoured quickly. We also had them for dessert, which sadly he didn’t get… It’s a funny thing that when you waste time at dinner and playing at the table… you run out of time to eat dessert. Consequences of our actions are a hard thing to deal with for a 2 year old, but such is life. Really it’s better that they learn these lessons when the thing they miss out on is a cookie and not a job, or a bill, or something along those lines that have a greater impact on their life. 
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