Other than our normal busyness of activities and housework we have a few new big-ish things going on. Brad has an obsession with Christmas lights. We really all have taken on his obsession and love for Christmas. Yes, I am seriously talking about Christmas and it’s only August. Because we’ve been working on Christmas plans for the last few months. Brad (and his geeky-genius mind) turns our house into a computer controlled Christmas light show. Since we just moved we have to redo the electrical and run ethernet cables to get the infrastructure set up for this years show. This last weekend was the electrical, and this year Landon is old enough to “help”.

The next few months will be filled with programming the lights to songs he’s chosen. It really is awesome and we have a great time getting it all set up. So many people come by to enjoy it. If you’re in the area you should stop by too!

Brad has also joined his company soccer team. He played soccer for over 10 years…. about 12 years ago. This was his first time playing for a LONG time (he is getting rather old…) Landon was super excited and wanted to play with him. He brought his soft, stuffed soccer ball with him and wanted to play with Brad.

Landon’s version of soccer though was stand and throw the ball and make the other person run and kick it. Brad’s parents and sister came out to watch the game as well. Landon had a blast playing with the ball with them as well.

They were super unorganized. As in they didn’t really know who as going to be on their team, meaning also who was going to play what positions. They had no uniforms, and never practiced together. They lost. 3 to 6. But they had fun and decided that it might be a good idea to have a practice or two (ya think?)

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