Riley has always been mister independent when it comes to eating. He wouldn’t even eat solids when we first started him until we realized he just wanted to shove the food in his mouth by himself. Then he didn’t stop eating. He often eats more than Landon. The last few weeks he’s been fine with us spoon feeding him, as long as he had a spoon to play with. Then we had to “graduate” him to two spoons because he kept trying to grab the spoon we had with the free hand. Then this morning happened.
I got the usual 3 spoons with his oatmeal and pumpkin for breakfast. Gave him the two spoons to start playing with while I scooped and started feeding him with the third. As I bring the spoon to his mouth, he drops one of the spoons and grabs at mine – full of food. In an attempt to prevent meltdown and crying I just gave it to him, he managed to get *most* of the food into his mouth! I picked up the spoon he had dropped put some food on it and set it on his tray. He picked it up and again got most of it in his mouth. So now we have a cycle of spoons going on for meal times. 
When he first stated with his finger foods things were a mess – because he just didn’t have the fine motor skill to match his desire for independence. He just started getting good at it and messes were more manageable. Now we’re back to a simple breakfast ending like this:

Back to naked eating…

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