One of the activities we did for Landon’s birthday party was bubble snakes. As I was typing the post about his party, I realized I never posted about making bubble snakes! How could I forget that! This is, quick, easy, free and fun! How can you go wrong with that!

Bubble Snakes

Empty water bottle
Small Sock (might need a rubber band)
Dish soap

Cut the bottom off of the water bottle and slide the sock over the hole. If the sock is larger you’ll need to use a rubber band to hold it on. Dip the bottom into some dish soap, let the excess drip off and blow through the top of the water bottle. Don’t suck in… Landon learned why not to the hard way (bubbles in your mouth… eww). We tried bubble solution and watering down the dish soap, but we had the best results with using straight dish soap! When you’re done, wash out the sock (use it to do dishes that night?) and recycle the bottle. Super fun!

If you don’t have a small sock, a wash cloth (or large sock) will work too!

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