Want to know what a few hours of time, some paper plates and paint, a cardboard box and some duct tape can create?
We spent Monday morning painting gluing and cutting to make Landon a car out of a cardboard box. It was really all his idea. We still had a few boxes laying around from the unpacking and Sunday afternoon he claimed one of those boxes as his car. It was just a plain box, but he had so much fun using his imagination.
We painted some paper plates to be the wheels and steering wheel, and let them dry overnight. Monday the fun began!
That’s a glue stick he is ferociously moving:

He decided that the ruler I was using for a straight edge was his key, so I cut a slit, next to the steering wheel for him to put his key in and start his car. I used duct tape folded over on it’s self to make the strap that went over his head. I cut a slit on the left and right hand side and laced it through then taped it off on the inside.

He also decided that it needed smoke to come out of the tail pipe. Yeah, I know it doesn’t look like smoke – but how creative can you get with just cardboard and duct tape.

He played with his car ALL day long. Then today he played with it some more. He’s declared that he wants me to make him a train next. I think that’s going to take a bit more planning to pull off. We just got rid of all of the boxes from moving… looks like I might be scouring craigslist for free boxes again!


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