One great sensory play that’s safe for pretty much any age is cornmeal (unless you have a corn allergy!). Since it’s etible, it’s safe for any age of child that’s had corn introduced already. They may take handfuls and put it in their mouths – but that’s one way that babies explore the world around them!

It was also my sanity saver. Riley is getting over a cold and has been pretty fussy and clingy today. The cornmeal distracted him from not feeling well for a good 30 minutes! He loved to spread it across his tray and hear the sound of it hitting his splat mat.

Corn Meal Sensory Play

I gave them several types of containers and measuring spoons to scoop, fill and pour. This is a good time to have conversations about full and empty and the texture of the cornmeal.

Corn Meal Sensory Play

When you’re done, save it in a bag so you can use it again another day. Though cornmeal is cheap, there’s no sense in throwing it out! The next rainy (or too hot) day pull it out for some fun!

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One Response to Corn Meal Sensory Play

  1. Sara says:

    Neat Idea thanks for sharing 🙂