The other day we were practicing shearing a sheep. Part of the fun little activity involved shaving cream. If you’ve never sprayed your table with shaving cream and let your child explore you should. It’s hours of fun. Since the table was covered in shaving cream from the sheep shearing anyway, I figured we’d end the day with a little shaving cream play.

Shaving Cream on the Table

Then I glanced over and saw the container of cotton balls from another activity we were going to be doing. The result?

Cotton Balls and Shaving Cream

Cotton Balls and Shaving Cream

The cotton balls sort of disapear in the shaving cream when you just look at it, but you can find them through touch. Touching them is an interesting texture. They are squishy but light, sort of like the shaving cream.

Landon had a blast with the shaving cream. I took several pictures to document the progression of his play and the amount of shaving cream that slowly made it’s way up his arms (on his face and clothes).

Cotton Balls and Shaving Cream

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2 Responses to Cotton Balls and Shaving Cream

  1. We have played with shaving cream before but never with cotton balls. What a great addition. Just pinned!

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks for the pin! The cotton ball addition was completely random and spur of the moment, but Landon really enjoyed the result! Hope you and your kiddos enjoy it too!