We had a great time pretending we were a dinosaur with some really easy to make dinosaur feet.

Dinosaur Feet


Cut out the shape of a dinosaur foot from cardboard. Punch holes on the left and right side of where your child’s foot will be next to the toes and a little bit behind the heal. Lace a ribbon through the holes to secure it to your child’s foot. (See the pictures for how to attach the ribbon – so much easier and less confusing to just peek at how it’s done.)

I used the dino foot print from the Dinosaur Hop game and just traced a good 2-3 inches wider to make the foot large enough.

Both boys were having great fun with the box I used. While I was finishing cutting it out with the exacto knife, the box became a “boat”.

He then painted the feet with green paint. He was abnormally paying really close attention to the detail of making sure all of the cardboard was covered in paint. Usually his painting style is two or three slaps of the paint brush and call it good.

Punch 4 holes, two on either side of your child’s foot, one pair by the arch, the other pair a little behind the heal. Take a ribbon and lace it up from the bottom on the front two holes and tie it around your child’s foot. Then take another piece of ribbon and lace it from the bottom of the back two holes and tie it around the front of your child’s ankle.

Landon was very insistent on wanting to be the one to lace the second foot. It took him about 5 minutes for each hole, but he did get it through!

Riley also had a blast playing with the feet. Though they were too big for him, he loved flopping them around and pulling on the ties.

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2 Responses to Dinosaur Feet

  1. Jen says:

    Loving your site. Your ideas are so much fun. We tend to do a lot of cardboard box crafts too (garbage truck, bus, street sweeper made from cardboard boxes-my son aged 4 is obsessed with garbage trucks and the like.) so we will definitely be making the dinosaur feet. Have a great day.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Jen!

      I’m so glad you enjoy them! I love cardboard – it’s free and really all kids need to enhance their imagination! Feel free to share your dinosaur feet on the face book page when you do them! I would LOVE to see!