When we moved into the “new house” (Landon still calls it this) we had to buy a new refrigerator. Luckily Brad programms for Build.com and we get massive discounts on stuff… like refrigerators! When it was delivered one of the doors had a dent in it so a new one was shipped.

The result was a box large enough to fit a ‘fridge door in it. It had a home by the front door while I was waiting for room in our recycle bin. But I’ve been thinking in the back of my mind what I could do with so much cardboard, especially after our cardboard car fun.

Day 1. A box of markers, crayons and twist up crayons + 1 child = an hour or so of coloring fun. Yes he colors in his underwear.

The end result was this (don’t you love my mad tracing and drawing skills – yes that “person” is Landon):

Day 2. Now I still don’t know what to call this. It’s kind of like a pin ball game, but with out the balls that shoot up from the bottom. If you know what this game sort of resembles, please share!

I stared by cutting off a chunk of the other side of the box, then cutting it into smaller pieces. They were all about the same height, but different lengths. DIY Cardboard Ball Game

Then in the colored up box lid I cut several holes the same size as the balls I was going to use.

Then in the bottom of the box lid I cut slits with a box cutter (or utility knife) the same length as the smaller pieces I cut earlier. I really had no plan on where I was going to put them all. Landon helped pick out some of the places.  image

When we were all done the result was something like this: image

I cut holes in some of the ramps and we made a game that each time his ball went through one of the holes he got a point! He was so excited. We propped the top on the edge of the couch and played for ever. It’s still in the living room – taking up a ton of space, but it’s worth the fun he has with it.  image

Cardboard can be so much fun. There’s so much you can create with it – and for a 2 year old, it’s a perfect way to foster the use of imagination. Now the only thing left to decide… what do we make next?

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