Want a way to keep a preschooler or toddler busy for a while? Want to have fun with them while fostering imagination?


…and markers and some tape sometimes, but really cardboard.

cardboard coloring

Riley’s new car seat box is a nice big one. Last night Landon was getting antsy – it was too hot to go outside to play. I popped the ends of the box open and laid it on it’s side, brought in the container of crayons and he had a blast. He called it his cave. We wrote that on the front flap. He colored the floor and ceiling of the box – Riley even helped out too.

cardboard coloring

We’ve done cardboard things in the past, like his cardboard car (he still asks to play with it!) and his cardboard ball game, and I plan on turning this “cave” into something when the cave fun has ended.

So… grab a big box. Add your child and a handful of markers or crayons and see where their imagination takes them!

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