Last week Landon and I were making the Apple Sun Catcher and in the process we were grating the crayons. As the shavings were falling on to the wax paper, Landon couldn’t stop from touching and playing with the crayon shavings… which lead me to think that grated wax would make a wonderful sensory bin item.

The process is pretty easy. Old grater, old crayons and grate. It is a little time consuming if your child wants to do all the grating. I did let Landon do some – I talked about how the grater was like little knives and it was sharp, so he had to go slow and be careful. He did! He grated quite a few crayons and never got hurt. I took turns in between (while he was playing with what had already been shaved) and got a good amount of shaving to play with in about 10 minutes. Obviously if your child is younger or you don’t think they would be able to do this safely simply pre-grate or make it “snow” on your child’s hands while they play safely.

It’s great! You can run your fingers through it like sand or small pebbles, but you can also squeeze some together into a ball that easily falls apart again when crumbled.

I do plan on saving all the shavings. I’m sure I can find some fun project to do with it!

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2 Responses to Grated Crayons Sensory Play

  1. Carmen Dunwiddie says:

    Could you make “rainbow” crayons with your left over crayon shavings Melting them in cup cake papers at the lowest setting on your oven until they start to melt. Don’t leave them in too long of they will be a brown/black mess! We use small pieces of crayons to make ours but there is no reason this couldn’t work. We usually leave out more of the blacks and browns to allow for a better color mix. Teach your child to “swirl” his hand as he colors to allow for lots of color exposure on the paper and help strengthen those prewriting muscles. Leave the “stubby” ends of the crayons you can’t shave for fear of “blood in the mix” to add to the “rainbow” effect. The melting process should make this happen in no time at all! When cool, peel off the cup cake paper and color away!