We had a large fish tank at the old house – it was nice to have and now that Landon is allergic to both cats and dogs, these are some pets he can have in the house that won’t make him break out in hives or irritate his eczema. We bought a new fish tank stand this time around and it was one that required some assembly. Landon loves to “help” when we have furniture to put together, but it usually ends up with frustration on both his and Brad’s part because not a lot of helping gets done.

Landon came armed with his tool box full of toy tools to “help”. This time around, we pulled all the Styrofoam from the packaging and handed it to Landon and told him he could use all his tools, however he wanted on it. I knew it was going to make a large mess – but it’s something that a vacuum can easily pick up. He was engrossed in destroying and “fixing” the styrofoam the entire time it took to put the stand together.

Regardless of if you have a project to complete and need something to give your “helper” to do, or you just want to provide some gross and fine motor skill practice (and a lot of fun) to your kiddos – this is a great thing!

Styrofoam Construction Styrofoam Construction Styrofoam Construction

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