Painting using non-standard painting objects is a lot of fun – give it a try. When you think boredom has struck, pull out the paints but no paint brushes then look around for random things that won’t be ruined by paint and have a blast!

Pumpkin Prints

Pumpkin Prints


We used some of the mini pumpkins to paint with. Cover the side with paint and roll it: it leave a bumpy “tire track” type mark. Paint and stamp with the bottom, use the stem as a brush, the ideas are endless!

Pumpkin Prints

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2 Responses to Pumpkin Prints

  1. Hey Jessica,
    Thanks for the above, I did a google search for pumpkin carving templates I can just print off, but they all look very difficult. I have never carved a pumpkin in my life (my family didn’t really celebrate holidays), and I just want to find a very easy template to print off. I don’t want to do the typical pumpkin face but something a little jazzed up is fine. Any ideas?
    Great Job!

  2. Jessica says:

    Hmm… You could do a shape thing, print off simple shapes and cut those out. I saw an idea somewhere about printing out whatever you wanted to carve and use it as a template by poking through the lines on the print out to the pumpkin then you just connect the dots that were made. That might be an idea to make a more difficult carving easier. I’ll keep thinking about it!