Landon has been full fledged into imaginary play (remember the cardboard car that he’s STILL playing with?). So yesterday we made some sock puppets for us to have a puppet show with and fuel his imagination.

This is a SUPER easy and potentially free sock puppet. Nothing fancy here, just literally a sock that sort of looks like a puppet. I use the words sort of VERY loosely:

I dug out some yarn for the hair (Landon wanted his to have white hair), and pulled out some other random craft stuff for Landon to choose from in making the puppets. He loved the beads and once he saw them everything had to be in beads.

I used a hot glue gun to hold everything down. Do be careful to pull the sock open after you put the hot glue on (or stick a piece of newspaper inside) because the top might stick to the bottom making it hard to get your hand in.

The result:

We did do some puppet shows. He decided mine was named “Susie” and his was “Grandma” (I guess ’cause it had white hair – even though none of his grandmas have white hair…).

Then he decided that it was time for them to take a nap. He read them stories and patted them then tucked them in. To bad he didn’t pretend long enough to fall asleep himself…

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