When Landon moved into his big boy room I had a great time doing a custom hand painting of his room to be the “vroom vroom” room. He loved it, I loved it and honestly it is the hardest thing I am having to get over leaving when we move. I know that  I can re-paint it, or do something else even, but it’s more the fact that the new renters might want it painted and I’ll have to paint over all that work and cuteness.

I painted all free hand, other than the sun that I used a lampshade as the template for the circle. 

The cars and air planes are wall decals that I found at Target.
It took my quite some time to paint it all, but I only worked on it while Landon napped (he was still in the other room) or was asleep for the night. All I can do is hope that the renters have a small boy (or girl) that would like to have a super cute car room. 
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