The living room is FINALLY painted. After the disaster of wrong paint colors and only having small chunks at night to paint (and the shear procrastination of climbing up the extension ladder 500+ times to cut in our high ceilings), the living room is done.

I settled on Behr’s Gobi Desert for the main wall color (this is also going to be used in the hallway and most other rooms). The wall over the mantle and the front door wall is in Toffee Crunch. I love it. I have the mantle all decorated and have plans for one of the large empty walls to do a gallery wall, but now that’s it’s Christmas the tree is in the way. I have a feeling I’ll just wait until the tree is gone to finish that wall.

Over the TV I want to put some chunky shelf and I still am pinning away different ideas for the entry way. I refinished a dresser that I was originally intending on putting there, but now that it’s done and there to finish curing, it’s too big for that space. It’s going to go into Riley’s room as his current dresser is on the small side.

My original decorating plan was to go room by room. The living and dining room being the first since they are the most visible. I would say that I am about 80% done in there. The gallery wall (behind the Christmas tree) and a few other wall hangings are left then I’m done.

I also finally got the paint roller into the back hallway so that I could hang the hooks for our coats and bags. Though I still have plans for it (like some pictures above the hooks for sure) I’m loving it so far. I got the hooks at Lowe’s and the baskets at Micheal’s. It’s working out great so far to have this spot to put jackets and shoes when we come in from the garage. The boy’s hooks are a little lower so they are able to put their jackets away – but still high enough that they don’t sit on their shoes. The baskets have removable liners (read: washable) and are very sturdy to handle the abuse of shoes being tossed into them.

After I finish up the living room, I’ll work my way into the boys rooms. If you follow me on pinterest (if you don’t, head over and do!) you may be seeing a flood of kid room pins!

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