As we were eating breakfast this morning, this idea for a counting game came to me. So while Landon was finishing up his breakfast, I whipped up this little activity. After we played it and I tweaked my original plan around, then came to the huge realization that the game had pretty much morphed into Hi-Ho Cherry-o.

They had a great idea! Well, if you’re like us and don’t have Hi Ho Cherry-O, you can print, color and cut this, and you’re set. Landon played like 2 times and was done. So much for my brilliant idea, I’m sure we’ll play again, maybe next time will be longer than 5 minutes!

Apple Counting Game

Counting Game Printable
Print and color the linked file (above). Cut out the apples and the number cards with the baskets too on heavy paper. Put all the apples on the tree. With all the cards face down and mixed up, pick a card and pull that many apples off the tree. If you get the “tipped bucket” card you have to put all your apples back on the tree. The person with the most apples at the end wins. This is great to reinforce number recognition as well as counting practice!

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