Christmas Tree Math, longer and shorter This is a great project that I’ve done almost every year in my classroom. It’s a great Christmas craft, but in addition your child can work on ordering objects by length and the math vocabulary and concept of longer and shorter.

Christmas Tree Math

9×12 Piece of Green Construction Paper
Large (18×24) Piece of White Paper
Star cut from Yellow Construction Paper Scraps
Small rectangle from brown construction paper (for the trunk)
Bingo Dobbers

Take your piece of green construction paper and cut it into 1 inch wide strips. This should give you 12 strips. With them stacked on top of each other, fan them out so there is about an inch or so difference between each of the strips.

Christmas Tree Math, longer and shorter

Cut the fanned portion in half.

Christmas Tree Math, longer and shorter

This will give you materials for 2 trees, so only take one set that you cut. Mix up the strips so they are in random order then line them up so that one side is at the same spot. This will let your child be able to see the difference in their length better.

Christmas Tree Math, longer and shorter

Glue the trunk down then have your child find the longest strip of green paper and glue it down at the bottom of the tree. Continue using the words longer, shorter, longest, and shortest to describe the different strips of paper. Once done, glue the star on the top.

Christmas Tree Math, longer and shorter

Using the bingo dobbers, decorate the tree. Then add strings of glue covered with glitter (Or decorate however you choose – sequins, beads, stickers…)

Christmas Tree Math, longer and shorter

Christmas Tree Math, longer and shorter

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4 Responses to Christmas Tree Math {ordering by length}

  1. April says:

    This is so cute, I sure will try this in my classroom.

  2. Julia says:

    Hi, I love you Christmas tree idea. I know this probably a crazy question, but the font you have used is just what I’ve been looking for, could you tell me which font it is? Thanks

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