Both Brad and I were very musically involved growing up. I think I was way more than Brad as I grew up in a singing instrument playing family, went through band since elementary school (Brad did too) and kept making music a part of my life even now by singing in our church worship team and community chorale. I am a firm believer that music has such huge impacts on child development. Landon has such a feel for rhythm and his drumming “skills” all be it pots and pans or upside town tubs is really rather good for a two year old. He is able to keep the beat with one hand and do double time with the other – the thing is he really doesn’t try, it just comes natural for him. As soon as he’s a little older we’re going to look into lessons. 
Riley loves anything that makes noise as well (doesn’t every baby!) Music time is a regular event in our house.

I love the power of music. I know that if Landon is starting to get stir crazy because of bad outside weather I can always bring out the tub of instruments and he is set for at least an hour. It is such a better way than planting a child in front of the tv to occupy them (though I have been known to watch a Chuggington or Curious George or two – or three or four depending on the day)

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