Duplo Farm Puzzle

This super cute idea I found on pinterest from a friend over at I can teach my child. I figure what a more perfect way to kick off our week of talking about farm animals than this! Landon loves his duplos!

Farm Animal Puzzles

Duplos (2 per animal – the longer 8 “pegged” duplos)Farm Animal Pictures
Exacto Knife

Print off the pictures of the farm animals and cut them out (some need to be cut super close to the picture). Put two duplos together and tape the picture on. With the exacto knife cut the picture and tape apart at the point the duplos go together. Duplo Farm Puzzle Once you do all of them, pull them apart, mix the halves up and find the matching parts.

Duplo Farm Puzzle Duplo Farm Puzzle

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One Response to Farm Animal Puzzles

  1. Fun puzzles! Your child is so engrossed in the learning in the cute photos. Carolyn