I came across this GREAT resource for farm themed activities. Today we just did the letter matching game to practice letter names and upper and lower case matching. But there is a TON of other things to do in the pack. I totally suggest you head on over to 2 Teaching Mommies and download it!

I printed the letter matching on cardstock, cut it all out and we practiced naming the letters, finding their upper and lower case letter match and naming what animal (and stressing the initial sound) was on the picture.

I’ve really been working on letter names with Landon recently. He’s GREAT with his numbers. He seems to have a real math brain. I know he’s only 3 and has lots of time before kindergarten – I just want to give him as much exposure as possible. Boys tend to struggle more with reading readiness, and especially young boys. Anything I can do, even this early, to help him be successful I will!

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