In honor of the first day of summer, Landon and I made a sun.

I drew lines on the construction paper for the triangles, and yes, this 2 year old (ok, 2 year 10 month old) cut all the triangles by him self. He’s had lots of exposure to using scissors. Not only through his preschool Fusion (which is WONDERFUL by the way), but I would often give him scissors and scrap paper just to practice. It’s great fine motor and hand eye coordination practice. 

We glued them on to the back of a paper plate.

Then covered the plate with yellow paint.

While he was painting I cut out some sunglasses to glue on. Then we added a mouth!

I told him to say “Happy Summer” when I took this picture, but he said “Happy Birthday Summer!” instead. He has the right idea… kind of!

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