One of the beauties about teaching Kindergarten for several years before deciding to be a stay at home mom is the masses of stuff I had accumulated that is now at my disposal to use with Landon. Some of the things are way beyond where he is academically but a lot of my alphabet and phonics stuff is perfect for him.

He’s been working on lacing things – it’s a great fine motor and hand-eye coordination skill to develop, and I remembered that I had a set of alphabet lacing. He had fun lacing them – but it’s also a great time to have conversations like this:

Yay! You laced the letter p!
Can you find the letter m to lace?
You picked up a green letter! Is that a t or a x?


Its really best at this age and stage to not do any “drill and kill”, just make it fun and talk about the letters as they’re playing with them. Even if they get the letter name wrong – it’s fine! When they are this young, it’s really more about exposure to letters and becoming familiar with them in a fun and engaging way.


These were bought from Scholastic, but doing a quick search there are others that are very similar to these.

These look pretty much like the ones I have!

But these look like a lot of fun too!

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  1. Carlo says:

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