We’ve been introducing new foods to Riley very slowly. With the family history of allergies and his already found sensitivity to dairy through my breastmilk, AND his eczema, his pediatrician and Landon’s allergy doctor want us to just go slow with food, especially the top allergic foods.

For the longest time (it seems) we’ve just been doing single food meals, some combinations (like applesauce in his oatmeal) but we’ve just recently gotten enough foods that I can start making “baked goods” for him. So far the only really “baked good” he’s had have been Mum Mums, which, let me tell you are super awesome for starting self feeders. They are easy to hold and really melt the second they get wet. They have also have Original and Vegetable flavors. They also sell them by the case and if you use the subscribe and save option they’re even cheaper. They are pretty much rice so it’s great for the allergy factor as well.

Today I made these Oats and ‘Nanner Drops found here. They were a success! They are like the texture of a chewy oatmeal cookie. There’s other recipes I have from Landon that I’m anxious to start trying (and sharing with you!)

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