Spider Counting Game Landon has been chugging away at learning numbers. He’s able to count to the mid twenties except he ALWAYS skips 15. It’s ok – when he was 2-ish he would always count: 1-2-3-4-9-10, and be SO excited that he could count to 10. This is a great Halloween themed game and only costs $1.00 to make (ok, it was $1.07 after tax) that is a fun way to practice number recognition, counting and one-to-one correspondence.

Spider Counting Game

Plastic tub that you can cut (a large one from butter or yogurt)
Plastic Spider rings (I got a 50 pack of mixed black and orange from the dollar store)
Number cards with numbers you’re working on identifying and counting to

Cut notches in the top of the plastic tub all the way around the circumference about 1″ apart. Using a box knife works best (but don’t put your finger in the way… it hurts when the knife slips off and slices your finger – trust me).

After you put a band aid on your finger then take your yarn and make a spider web by going across the tub to the notches, wrapping around the outside of the tub until you get the the next notch to go across. Tie or tape off the end.

You want to make sure that there are holes large enough for the spiders to get through, but not super easy – you want some to get caught as well.

Divide the spiders so one player get the black and the other gets the orange. Pick a number from the number cards, identify it and count out that many spiders. Then drop them on the “web” (count them as you drop them too!).

Spider Counting Game

Spider Counting Game

Repeat until all spiders from both players are gone. Then count how many spiders of each player got stuck. The one with the fewest stuck wins!

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