Landon has a very active imagination – really what 3 year old doesn’t. He’s also started discovering the emotion of fear. Often times it’s pretend, but with Halloween approaching topics of monsters, ghosts and other “scary” things are starting to surface in the aisles of the store and in “conversations” and play with friends. While I want to celebrate this time of year – as it can be super fun, I’m also wanting to be very “low key” in the scary department. We already have bed time battles – I don’t want to add to that a fear of monsters in the dark or any other scary concept that might surface to add to our night time struggles.

That being said, other than sticking to pumpkin activities (which we’ve done a lot of), I’m getting creative (and spending lots of time on pinterest) to find good ideas! This is one of them! It’s a great sensory activity that I’ve modified from what “everyone else” did. Did I also mention it’s lots of fun.

Landon has been potty trained for quite some time. One thing we have occasional issue with (I’m sure we’re not alone) is the fun of seeing how much toilet paper he can get off the roll while he’s going potty. Fun. We make him roll it ALL back up, which sometimes results in a rats nest of toilet paper rung around the holder – but it’s the thought that counts that he has to clean up his own mess right?

Anyway… the look on his face when I handed him a roll of toilet paper and told him to unroll it all was priceless!

Ghost Mud

2 rolls of toilet paper
soap (bath soap – I’m sure whatever would work though)
large tub

After all the toilet paper has been unrolled, tear it all up into little pieces. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it will get shredded more with the play, but if it’s all one long piece when you add the water it’s not going to be easy to play with.

Add about 1 tablespoon of liquid bath soap and mix it with about 1 cup of water. Pour over the toilet paper and mix with your hands to get it all wet. You will probably need to add a little over a cup more of water – just add until it’s a consistency you like. There’s really no such thing as adding too much – you just might have some water at the bottom of the tub (which is fine!)

Once wet and shredded it behaves sort of like play dough!

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3 Responses to Ghost Mud

  1. So funny! We make this in the winter and call it snow dough! Cute photos!

  2. Debbie says:

    This was so much fun Than You