I love this little activity. I have grand visions of adaptations for classroom use as well. This is a great themed activity that you could put as a center activity or as a project that they glue and take home. However you do it – it is sure to be a hit!


Valentine’s Day Letter Matching

Large Pink/Purple paper (I used scrapbook paper)
Scrap pink/purple (different color than before) paper
Heart punch

Cut a large heart out of one Valentine’s Day colored paper. Using a heart punch (big but not too big that 26 of them won’t fit on the large heart cut out) punch 26 hearts out of a different color than the large heart. Write the lowercase letters (a-z), one on each heart. On the large heart write uppercase letters A-Z with a dot below (a marker for them to place that letter’s match)




Adaptation ideas:
1. Use poster board and make this whole idea large for a center in a classroom. Use velcro on the backs of the little hearts and in place of the “dot” to be reusable. (Laminate everything of course!)
2. Use lighter weight paper and make it “glueable” for a take home activity.
3. For younger kiddos, don’t do all 26 letters – or make several sets of different letters to use as a center activity.
4. For older kiddos, match initial sounds with picture, CVC blending words with picture, numbers with dots or number words, really anything that’s matching and can be put on hearts!

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3 Responses to Valentine’s Day Letter Matching

  1. Veens says:

    What a lovely idea! I can prep this up super fast and do it with my little one 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful ideas.

  2. arman ending says:

    hi. to everyone Happy valintines……………