Many of you saw the “dalmatian” walls I had in trying to decide paint colors. I loved all your comments and suggestions on paint colors – especially those that gave reasons behind it. After reading all the comments and many visits to the paint store I finally decided on a paint color. Super excited I painted 2 walls that night.

The result? I hated it.

My pick? Behr’s Harvest Brown (number 4). It was one of the more popular pick from Facebook

But when it covered the whole wall, it looked greenish. And not in a good way. It had a hint of yellow mixed with the green. I’ll let you use your imagination as to what it looked like. Not the look I was going for. So I went back yet again to the store. Talked with one of the paint people and finally came up with option number 7. Behr’s Gobie Desert.

I hesitantly rolled it on that night, but even as it was drying I knew I was going to love it.

I kept number 6, Toffee Crunch, as an accent color. I really love that color but am pretty sure it would be too dark to do all the walls. So I have it as an accent wall over our mantle and the small wall space around our front door.

I love it. Obviously I’m not done painting (anyone want to come help paint?) and will post a full reveal with the paint and new decor is done.

Count this as a thank you post to all the “advisers” in the paint selection process!

Thank you!

Lessons learned?

1. Even if you have a lot of windows, don’t use a super dark color in a north or west facing room.

2. Paint is just paint and can be painted over. Yes, I had a mini end of the world melt down when the first color looked awful. I attribute a huge part to sleep deprivation from Landon being sick the night before. It looks lovely now.

3. Talk to the paint people. They have tips and trick to help you pick the right color.

4. Go with the popular colors. There’s a reason why they’re popular, and Behr’s website will tell you their top 10 popular colors in several categories.

5. The little books of paint chips collections make great 3 year old distracters while talking to paint associates and having paint mixed for you.

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2 Responses to Final Paint Colors!

  1. You’re so industrious! Yeah, dark colors generally make rooms appear smaller. They’re nice if you want a place to feel small and cozy (like a coffee shop) but not so nice if you want a room to feel bigger. Before I paint I walk around and hold my swatches up to the different walls to see how they look under the different types of lighting, and also at different times of day.

    I once half-painted our dining room “rubber ducky” yellow before I gave in and admitted how much I hated it. It stinks to have to repaint, but it’s better than having a finished room in a color you don’t like! Good luck with all your painting endeavors. I just painted our hallway, and now I’m painting birch trees on the walls of our kids’ room. I’m hoping to have it all done before my parents arrive in 6 days! I like working with a deadline, and I’m looking forward to showing off my work for them. 🙂

    PS…Naomi has really liked playing with a clean roller and a clean rolling pan, pretending to roll paint on all the surfaces in the house. She also likes pretending to paint with a dry paint brush. Maybe Landon would enjoy them too. 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      I tried to like it. I left it on for a few days to let it “sink in”. The longer I looked at it the longer I really knew it HAD to go. I’ve seen your updates abut the trees – I would LOVE to see pictures of them!